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Is my personal web, all postings within this website is the result of my own handwriting, I love writing and I love to read, I as admin on the web is to share information about their personal experience already in try and interpreted before written so 99% success tutorial worked well and can be used by the readers are loyal. Starting from a sense of curiosity about the world of the internet and the feeling of love to share Science then this website appears.


With a name that is unique and easy to remember so that it is easy for visitors to stay connected with us, with the hope of later this blog many bring benefits as well as information that could be useful to the visitors.


My own usual called Mr. One, A self-taught hobby lay bloger computers, mobile though often many fail to works and I continue to work hard to build this website, I am proud of my work and I can build this website make friends all.


I myself am an employee of a private who has some side income along with income, I remain very optimistic and very fond of challenges especially in the self-employed. And up here, hopefully my simple web brings many benefits hapy reading …


Mr One